“The term this calls to mind is ‘gaslighting’ – a form of psychological manipulation aimed at gaining more power by making the target question his or her reality. It is a common tactic of abusers, dictators, narcissists and cult leaders. It’s a slow and methodical process. You see, this is a horror story. And I […]


“No amount of lies, or no matter how many self-confessed drug lords and convicted felons or any other so-called witnesses my persecutors may persuade or threaten to lie against me, it will not change the fact that I’m innocent.”


“There is no other recourse but to go on fighting, especially when one is innocent as I truly am. Every day spent behind bars on bogus charges brings pain and untold sufferings. But it also strengthens resolve. Every single moment in prison serves as a reminder to me of the injustice being committed on thousands […]


“I am not the only victim in this scenario. In truth, we are all the victims here. Because all of this is meant to silence dissent and, ultimately, give free reign for this administration to do whatever it wants with impunity. The truth is out there. It just needs to be recognized before it’s too […]


“As Sen. [Rene] Saguisag pointed out, if a police officer, NBI investigator, prosecutor or judge wants to be promoted, or otherwise wants to avoid the wrath of an unhinged, vindictive and powerful man like Rodrigo Duterte, they would just follow what he had already publicly declared. And, up until now, as countless embarrassing recordings would […]


“I remain hopeful that in due time, in God’s time, the truth will be known, the truth about this grand scheme of lies and deceptions. Time will come when, in an atmosphere of truth telling, these convicts and other so-called witnesses will come clean and disavow their respective perjurious statements.”


“With the whole world watching, and more and more people gaining discernment about this regime’s capacity for evil, my tormentors must realize that locking me up in jail and stripping me of my rights is a huge mistake. They must tremble where they stand….”


“They know I’m innocent. And that’s all that matters to me—people believing in me, strongly standing by and with me, keeping the faith…”


“If it’s true that ‘the hottest place in hell is reserved to those, who, in times of moral crisis, refuse to take a stand,’ I would rather be jailed in defense of what is right, than go to hell in the company of those responsible for our collective descent into impunity, fear, and inhumanity.”


“I am detained, not because I am guilty of any offense, but because they fear defenders of human rights. They fear those who will stand up for the poor, the defenseless and the oppressed, for we are what stands between them and their consolidation of absolute power and dominion.”