Dispatch from Crame No. 88 (On the withdrawal of EU grants and aid packages)


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The withdrawal of outright EU grants and aid packages, mostly intended for Mindanao development, exemplifies the extent to which Duterte is willing to sacrifice the country’s well-being in exchange for his political survival in the world stage. He sells the country to China. In return China gives him international support in his murderous rampage because China could not care less for human rights.

Now, because of EU pressure against his EJK policy, Duterte would rather act the haughty and prideful Third World dictator and deprive Mindanao communities of what is already guaranteed free assistance to Mindanao development.

Duterte is refusing EU aid because he wants to go on killing petty addicts in his drug war. He would rather stay independent in his domestic policy of murdering civilians rather than keep foreign aid from the EU that in return, demands nothing other than that he stops the EJKs and starts respecting human rights.

Free EU aid for human rights or onerous Chinese loans and giving up the Spratlys claims for Chinese international support to a murderous drug war? For any normal person the choice would be obvious. But Duterte is not normal. So he would rather choose the latter. He is running the country to the ground just to keep his personal bloodlust going, and he is taking every Filipino to the doghouse of global pariahs with him. Duterte doesn’t care if he isolates and ruins this country, so long as he can go on his merry way killing people for sport.

Leila de Lima

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