Dispatch from Crame No. 698: Sen. Leila M. de Lima’s Reaction to Sec. Guevarra’s ludicrous suggestion that she knows that the evidence against her is “Strong”


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Secretary Guevarra claims that the probable reason why I haven’t applied thus far for bail in my drug cases is because the evidence for the prosecution is strong.

That is pure hogwash!

First of all, I would like to thank SOJ Guevarra for exposing himself as one of the many faces of my ongoing persecution. His failure to correct the abuses committed by his predecessor, his continued defense of the railroading and persecution that was perpetrated against me, and his own duplicitous actions and statements regarding the so-called “evidence” they have against me has made it clear that he is an active player in my continuing unjust detention and political persecution.

If only Secretary Guevarra pursued real drug lords with the same vigor as he does the cases against me – lining up no less than 15 “prosecutors” to handle my cases, as opposed to the dismal handling of the cases of Peter Lim and other real big-time drug lords – perhaps he would not only have some credibility as an SOJ.

As it is, the stark and obvious contrast only betrays his real marching orders from his principal – not to put an end to the drug problem, but to use the strong arm of the criminal justice system to maliciously discredit vocal critics of the President like myself so no one is left to stand up for the Filipino people and for the truth. The truth being that illegal drug operations are continuing as “business as usual”, our country is slowly being overrun by hostile foreign interests, and corruption is rampant in the bureaucracy.

As to his claim that the evidence against me is “strong”, how can a fake charge, a pure invention, have strong evidence? Lies orchestrated from criminal convicts and other so-called “prosecution witnesses” with dubious reputation, are never strong evidence.

Other than that, me and my lawyers cannot further comment on the matter of bail, lest we telegraph our legal moves to the prosecution – which is likely the reason for SOJ Guevarra’s public baiting statement.

This is not a question of whether the evidence against me is “strong” or “weak” under the law. When the Strong Arm of the State is being used to rewrite the rules, twist the law, and present ever-evolving testimony from perjured witnesses, while at the same time withholding other evidence, the real question that needs to be asked: what Law or what Constitution are you applying and defending? ###

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