Dispatch from Crame No. 503: Sen. Leila M. de Lima’s Statement on “The Real Narcolist”


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“Time brings all things to light,” says Willie Stark in the 2006 film ‘All the King’s Men.’ And indeed the time of reckoning for the Dutertes has come.

In the past couple of weeks, we have seen former anti-narcotics operative Eduardo Acierto and a certain “Bikoy,” who claims to be a former member of a criminal syndicate, separately make serious allegations against the Dutertes and the people around them. “Bikoy” came up with an alternative narcolist, which he claims to be better, “the real” one, than the one issued by the President and his men.

Legitimate grievance and sincere law enforcement would dictate that earnest actions should be taken to verify the allegations. Michael Yang should have been blacklisted and his operations monitored. Paolo Duterte should be investigated, as to his and his alleged dummy’s bank accounts, and even his tattoo, examined to see whether the allegations are true or not.

Both Michael Yang and Paolo Duterte are indubitably public figures with considerable influence. And the public interest for the investigation into their culpability and accountability far outweighs their right to privacy.

What is interesting is how Pres. Duterte and his lapdogs reacted. Duterte called at the AFP and PNP to murder Acierto. Bong Go and Bato dela Rosa were quick to exonerate Michael Yang even before any bona fide investigation on the allegations were made. Duterte’s men in the Senate, as if on clock work, immediately called for the arrest of Acierto and discouraged any Senate investigation on the matter.

It is such a tragedy when we see how this Administration uses tax-paid resources to protect the President’s family instead of protecting our country from the drug syndicates.

Nakakatawa na lang isipin na ako pa ang inaakusahan nila na dahilan ng pagkalat ng iligal na droga samantalang ako ang nakapagpatigil ng operasyon ng mga druglord sa Bilibid. Sina Duterte naman ang nagbalik sa kanilang operasyon kapalit sa pagtestigo laban sa akin.

I do not find it a coincidence that the illegal drug trade increased dramatically during this Administration. While the President spouts rhetorics on his “War on Drugs,” billions worth of shabu continues to be smuggled into our country. The President’s own recently-announced data on the no. of drug users, incredible as it may seem, contradicts any claim of success.

All of these happened, and continue to happen, during Duterte’s watch with his most loyal subordinates at the helm of the key agencies involved. Dela Rosa, Lapeña, Faeldon all took turns running the New Bilibid Prison and the Bureau of Customs while the drug operations and smuggling became rampant. Yet they are not made accountable for their failures.

Policy-wise, the Duterte Administration keep placing the blame on everyone other than the actual druglords: the opposition, the media, the drug-users, and even the children.

The simple explanation for the monumental failure of Duterte’s “War on Drugs” is that those responsible for the proliferation of illegal drugs in our country could very well be his own family, cronies and Chinese allies. This is also probably the reason why China is able to keep Duterte on a leash like their loyal dog. They know that he is the real coddler of druglords and protector of the drug trade in the Philippines.

I call on our law enforcers and loyal countrymen to do the right thing. Stop the druglords, protect our country. ####

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