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Bong Go is everywhere, inescapable in all sizes and in all forms. There has been an ongoing invasion of public spaces by his tarpaulins and expensive billboards, and on TV, radio, print and social media, he’s ubiquitous these past months. He obviously has a well-oiled electoral machinery. But where does he get the funds?

He does all these even way before the start of the official campaign period, taking advantage of a gap in our election laws and jurisprudence which tolerates premature campaigning.

What is clear is that Bong Go follows the template of Epal politics, one which is full of lavish or immoderate display of him signifying nothing. But his case is so brazen in its utter lack of delicadeza. He is supposed to have resigned already as Special Assistant to the President (SAP) when he filed his certificate of candidacy. But why is he always with Digong to attend events practically acting as his official cameraman and Twitter/Socmed guy?

It’s even akin to usurpation of authority, since someone else is supposed to have taken already his previous functions as SAP. But since he continues to act as Duterte’s super alalay, it is safe to presume that public funds are also expended while he is campaigning early… and still assuming the SAP role.

I read in the news about a project financed through government funds but it was “[f]ormer Special Assistant to the President Christopher Lawrence ‘Bong’ Go [who] led representatives from various government agencies” in launching the project. This is just one among government projects he attended, and led, with an enlarged photo of his face as the event’s backdrop, and the event’s name placed below in smaller font, complete with his own campaign jingles.

And so gracious of him to be regularly distributing dole outs and relief goods, laden with his name and campaign color, in almost all calamity-stricken areas. But again, I ask, are the millions of pesos expended for these sourced from Bong Go’s personal funds or otherwise?

Habang ang ibang mga kandidato ay abalang inaayos ang kanilang plataporma at mga isyung nais tugunan at mga batas na nais isulong, si Bong Go ay abala sa pagrampa gamit ang makinarya at pondo ng gobyerno.

I have to personally and emphatically raise this concern because, as former election lawyer, I find the acts of the presidential sidekick highly irregular and questionable. His aura of untouchability ought to offend our rudimentary sense of fair play.

Maliban sa ang ganyang klase ng kampanya ay sumisira sa balanse at patas na eleksyon, lumalayo rin ito sa dapat na maging sentro ng diskusyon tuwing halalan – ang pagtalakay at pagpanukala ng solusyon sa mga mabibigat na problema ng bayan.

I am hoping that by now, it is becoming apparent to the Filipino public that our mounting social, political and economic problems cannot be resolved by mere jokes and being jocular, more so being Epal.

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