Dispatch from Crame No. 385 Sen. Leila M. de Lima on the alleged destabilization plot: Another hilarious matrix


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Malacañang insists that there is a serious destabilization plot against the Duterte Administration, and even set a date on when it will be carried out. Malacañang said it would be on the anniversary of Martial Law on Friday, Sept. 21.

The basis for this is none other than Duterte’s growing paranoia amidst the myriad of problems he is unable to solve, the latest being the rice supply crisis that, for the first time in recent memory, has caused long lines in what effectively has become a period of rice-rationing. On top of this is the runaway inflation caused by the TRAIN Law and his administration’s general mismanagement of the economy.

Malacanang’s spin on the problems of its own making is predictable. It is blaming everything on the opposition and imagined enemies who have supposedly joined forces to carry out an ouster plot.

Recently, another crude matrix of supposed conspirators, which hilariously includes “millennial students studying at Jesuit-run schools” and a popular fast-food chain, has been circulated supposedly as the basis for the “intel” on the individuals and groups conspiring with each other to oust Duterte.

In his paranoia, Duterte is easily victimized by supposed “intel assets” with their own agenda. What is obviously a joke of a conspiracy matrix has been taken seriously and is the reason for his sleepless nights.

By believing in a supposed destabilization plot crudely drawn up in a hilarious matrix, Duterte is no longer able to separate fact from fiction, or to distinguish between reality and his personal nightmares. His failure in governance has resulted in an impaired judgment that can no longer be trusted upon to make crucial decisions for this country.

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