Dispatch from Crame No. 307: Sen. Leila M. de Lima’s appeal to the AFP to save the country and itself from any further embarrassment


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The Philippine Navy-escorted jet ski exploit of presidential son Baste Duterte and official sidekick Bong Go off the waters of Casiguran, Aurora is a total embarrassment to the AFP.

Naval and air resources that were painstakingly acquired throughout the past administration are wasted on cheap political stunts of the Chinese puppet president. The newest acquisitions of both the Navy and Air Force, the Tarlac-class sealift vessels and FA-50 lead-in fighter-trainer jets, are used and turned against the armed services to embarrass themselves before the whole world in a misdirected show of bravado.

Our armed forces waste taxpayers’ money to patronize their Commander-in-Chief in his propaganda whim, while their troops on Pag-asa Island and Ayungin Shoal continue to be harassed by a PLA backed by missiles and fighter jets stationed only kilometers from their outposts.

This is where our taxpayer’s money is being wasted by our armed services and the DND. With no clear response yet on the Chinese missile threat, both choose to humor their Commander-in-Chief by obliging his son and sidekick to a ridiculous but expensive show. Not only is this misappropriation of AFP resources, it is a total waste of the people’s hard-earned money, including that of the soldiers and their families.

Our appeal to our officers in the AFP who still have respect for themselves is this: if you cannot yet give the Filipino people a proper response to the Chinese threat in our Kalayaan territories in the WPS, at least refrain from further embarrassing yourselves and the entire armed forces of the Filipino people in front of the whole world.

The Chinese are already laughing hard at how they are pulling the strings on your puppet Commander-in-Chief. The least you can do is try not to be a party to your own shaming. Leave some respect for the AFP. You still owe that to the Filipino people and your country.

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