Dispatch from Crame No. 268: Sen. Leila M. de Lima’s statement on Aguirre’s claim of DOJ leak


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Aguirre is now running around like a headless chicken after the fall-out on the DOJ’s dismissal of charges against Kerwin Espinosa, Peter Lim, and Peter Co. He is crying sabotage, insinuating that somebody or some people in the DOJ still close to me leaked the document to me and that I was responsible for its release to the media.

Mr. Aguirre, ipinakulong mo na ako at lahat, kasalanan ko pa rin ang iyong kapalpakan? Hindi ko kasalanan kung lumaki kang tanga at palpak. Wala na akong kinalaman diyan.

Not a single DOJ official or employee still dares to see me or talk to me, especially ever since I was falsely accused and charged by the DOJ itself last year. It is either because of the shame for what their agency has become under Aguirre, and what it has done to me—that they can no longer face me and look me in the eye—or because of fear, knowing what the DOJ under Aguirre and Duterte is capable of doing to subordinates who still sympathize with me.

In my 390 days of detention as of today, not a single DOJ official or employee ever dared visit me. For them, visiting me in person is akin to signing their own ‘death warrant’. However, at the same time, any self-respecting DOJ official or personnel can only cringe and be disgusted as to what has become of the DOJ under Aguirre.

The people are not as stupid as Aguirre wants to believe. The public knows the blatant incompetency and even corruption that characterize the dismissal of charges against the drug lords by the DOJ under Aguirre. The public knows that whatever happens at the DOJ, the buck stops with Aguirre as Duterte’s enforcer or chief operator.

Ang sabi ni Aguirre lahat ng nangyayari sa drugs sa Bilibid dapat alam ni De Lima noong SOJ siya. Pero kahit wala pa ring tigil at lumala pa nga ang problema na yan ngayon, siya naman ay walang kasalanan at kinalaman dyan at sa lahat ng kapalpakan sa DOJ.

Mr. Aguirre, hindi pwedeng Secretary ka ng DOJ kapag gusto mo lang. Hindi ka pwedeng pumili kung ano ang aakuin mong responsibilidad sa ginawang kapalpakan ng iyong mga tao. Huwag mong ipasa sa iba ang kapalpakan ng pag-abswelto ninyo sa mga drug lords. Kung kumita ka dyan, panindigan mo. Kung nakalusot iyan sa iyo, huwag mong ipasa sa iba ang sarili mong katangahan.

Magpakatotoo ka, huwag kang peke.

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