Dispatch from Crame No. 215: Sen. Leila M. de Lima’s Statement regarding the December 2017 SWS Survey on Duterte’s Satisfaction Rating


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Intriguing and thought-provoking.

That is how I view the latest SWS survey showing an increased/improved satisfaction rating for Duterte among the A & B social classes.

To be completely honest, I cannot fathom the reasons why the ultra rich – which I presume accounts for perhaps the best educated and informed members of society – would find satisfaction in what is happening in our country lately.

A creeping martial and authoritarian rule.

A “peace and order situation” where people are being killed in the streets and in their homes in deadly so-called “police operations” connected with the “war on drugs”.

Rampant corruption and influence peddling being committed with impunity by those close to the President – with those who are caught merely being made to lie low for a while before being rewarded with appointment to other government posts.

An abominable traffic situation that has already bled outside of the Metro Manila area.

A strange and disturbing pivot to a foreign power that is known for political repression, human rights violations and, perhaps most pertinently, a history (and, indeed, a persisting track record) of taking undue economic advantage of other countries, even going so far as to undermine our sovereignty and the integrity of our territory, and to blatantly exploit our natural resources.

A leader who is intolerant to criticisms, who crushes dissent and has made vulgarity and bullying a standard behavior.

Why would the ABs stand for these?

Or perhaps I am asking the wrong question.

Perhaps the right question is not “why”, but “who” and “what”.

Who are these A & Bs?

What are their interests?

Perhaps the answer to “why” follows the answers to these.

Perhaps they are satisfied with what’s going on because they are not adversely affected by the stuff that are happening to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Is it because theirs are not the sons and the daughters being murdered in cold blood?

Is it because theirs are not the homes and the privacy being invaded, they with their high concrete and steel gates hiding behind the security of gated communities?

Is it because theirs are not the homes being ravaged by martial law and armed conflict?

Is it because they are not daily wage earners who have no choice but to battle through heavy traffic just to earn a measly living?

Is it because they don’t even have to tolerate the traffic and other adverse conditions that the rest of us have to live with because they can simply hop on a plane and vacation anywhere else in the world at any time of their choosing?

Perhaps they are satisfied because they are, in fact, profiting from the situation.

Is it because they are among those who have the ears of those in power?

Is it because they are among the ultra rich who are said to have been graced by super low interest loans or financing from China?

Is it because they are among the elite whose money and power can buy them a seat in a post-revolutionary government/Charter Change era?

Put simply, perhaps it is because money talks and those holding the reins of power listen.

People were made to think that the past administration is evil because it was composed of rich, educated elites, so they chose a leader who they thought mirrored their identity. Hindi nila alam na balat-kayo lamang ang pagiging maka-masa ng administrasyong ito.

In truth, as in any authoritarian regime that denounces the Rule of Law, it is the moneyed, powerful and influential people who rule, while the rest of the Filipino people suffer.

Kawawa naman ang sambayanang Pilipinas na karamihan ay walang ganung pera, kapangyarihan at impluwensya.

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