Dispatch from Crame No. 201: Sen. Leila M. de Lima’s Statement on House Justice Committee hearing on CJ Sereno impeachment


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The House Justice Committee hearing on the Sereno impeachment is the second woman-bashing party in Congress. The first was mine of course.

Chief Justice Sereno made the right decision not going to this circus in the House. I highly doubt she would have been treated any better or given a fair hearing even if she decided to attend.

It is also most hypocritical, and nauseous, for a woman of unquestionable courage and integrity to be investigated by men and a woman of highly questionable integrity, with one even having been charged for corruption by the Ombudsman last year for the anomalous Cebu Convention Center contract. These are the same people who just last year took turns slut-shaming me and wanted to turn the House into a pornography exhibition hall, men like Speaker Alvarez, Committee Chairman Ray Umali, and Majority Leader Rudy Fariñas. Any House investigation led by these men is readily suspect as nothing but a political operation to persecute and demolish perceived enemies of their master in Malacañang.

Because the Sereno impeachment is a political operation of these Duterte lackeys, their judgment on the Chief Justice is a foregone conclusion. As one social media joke goes, this administration’s railroad project is not from Manila to Clark, it is only in the Batasan.

The current House Justice Committee was, is, and always will be Duterte’s Kangaroo Court dispensing fake justice, as it continues to carry out the political demolition of principled women who dare stand up to the kakistocracy that this administration has become.

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