Dispatch from Crame No. 177: Sen. Leila M. de Lima’s Statement on Duterte’s state of mind


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Infuriating! Unbelievably shameless! Ang kapal ng mukha! Hypocritical!

Those are just some of the ways to describe the recent tirades, attacks and even overt threats of physical harm levelled by Mr. Duterte against the Office of the Ombudsman, particularly Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang, who has been tasked to take on the incredibly sensitive, yet immensely important task of investigating Mr. Duterte’s alleged unreported or hidden wealth.

First, he threatened the Ombudsman herself (and CJ Sereno) with impeachment, challenging both of them to likewise resign along with him. He next went after the Overall Deputy Ombudsman like a rabid dog that has gone full madness mode.

He didn’t just threaten Carandang with legal action, he also explicitly threatened him with bodily harm. Imagine Donald Trump telling Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller to “start praying” (“magdasal ka lang, Carandang”) because he will “take him out first” (“uunahin kita”).

And Mr. Duterte didn’t stop there, he went on to make claims that no sane President, especially one who studied law and is still in full possession of his faculties, would make. He claimed that he can summon the Deputy Ombudsman because the latter committed a crime by looking into the allegations against him, i.e., by doing his job. Mr. Duterte also claimed that he can “go there and bring (Carandang) to the NBI.” He also said that Carandang must obey him.

All of that, when all Mr. Duterte has to do is cooperate with the investigation if he truly wants to prove he is not a plundering thief.

But those descriptors, behaviour and obvious double standards are par for the course for this so-called “President.”

What should catch everyone’s attention is the progressively demented behavior he is exhibiting: poor judgment, loss of empathy, socially inappropriate behaviour, intensified vulgarity, lack of inhibition, inability to concentrate on the real issues, among others. These are all manifestations that are readily observable by anyone who has seen him and heard him speak and rant.

He is losing it.

I, therefore, think that it is about time that the members of the Cabinet seriously start looking closely at the President’s state of mind, and take action within the purview of the Constitution.###

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