Dispatch from Crame No. 168: Sen. Leila M. de Lima’s Statement on Duterte’s desperate attempt to link her in DAP scandal


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Raissa Robles tweets: “If President Duterte could lie so blatantly like that, what else has he fabricated?”

A lot more! And netizens are now up and about, feasting on a litany of presidential lies.

For my part, I underscore these – Duterte LIED, and continue to lie about my alleged drug links (“leading narcopolitician”, “no. 1 drug lord”, “Bilibid drug trade queen”, “drug protector/coddler”, etc.). All the drug trafficking charges against me are fabricated, based on orchestrated lies;

He LIED about the so-called drug matrix (Remember that laughable stupid piece of paper which culminated in Duterte’s apology to a Governor named in that matrix);

He LIED about the presence of a shabu lab in the Bilibid.

He LIED about a US intel report supposedly proving my involvement in the illegal drug trade, a claim so incredulous that it might as well just originated from the planet Mars;

He LIED about taking a peep at my detention quarters (not even his shadow was seen anywhere near my cell);

He LIED about a sex video of which he’s so fixated about, bordering on perversion;

He LIED about my dog being regularly brought by me to the office (I have never brought a dog to the office, whether CHR, DOJ or Senate). And why Duterte suddenly trained his sights at my dog remains a mystery to me;

The latest LIE is about my alleged involvement in an alleged DAP anomaly, along with Sen. Trillanes. Wow! What kind of lies are Duterte and his evil lieutenants concocting this time?

These are all blatant LIES, blurted out by Duterte himself, mostly in public events; LIES parroted by his obnoxious underlings and gleefully swallowed, and at times applauded by his fanatical throngs.

And I need not remind about Duterte’s other ignominious remarks, almost unprintable words, attacking my womanhood, which shows the vileness or baseness of the man’s character.

Malinaw po – Hindi lang mamamatay tao ang pangulong ito, kundi ubod po ng sinungaling. A big, pathological liar! A real sicko.

Katanggap tanggap pa ba ito sa ating mga kababayan?

Dahil nabuking, inamin ni Duterte na imbento lang nya yung mga foreign accounts ni Sen. Trillanes. Magawa rin kaya nyang aminin na gawa-gawa lang lahat ang mga paratang nila sa akin?

I may be asking for a miracle. Still, I pray for one… ###

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