Dispatch from Crame No. 125 (Reflection on the Death Penalty)


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Grieving over the loss of my favorite kitten ‘Kittie’, who died apparently of diarrhea the other day (N. B. Next only to ‘Blackie’, ‘Kittie’ was my favorite stray cat here in my detention quarters), I buried myself into virtually non-stop reading and writing, disrupted only by occasional shut-eyes and sighs of sadness remembering ‘Kittie”s playful antics.

As a result, I finished reading, in record time, another John Grisham novel, “The Confession”. Another very engrossing legal thriller by this legendary writer. It’s a must-read for both anti-and pro-death penalty advocates, especially the latter. I hope that Sen. Manny Pacquiao and my other pro-death penalty colleagues would find time to check out this gripping book.

While fictional (yet stunningly realistic), I would proffer the story so poignantly depicted in this novel – a story of an innocent young man who spent 9 years in death row before he was executed under the harsh laws of Texas, U.S.A., and ultimately exonerated posthumously—as a most compelling argument against the reimposition of death penalty now being pushed by our bloodthirsty and power-drunk President.

After reading the last page of “The Confession”, one would feel a momentary numbness and horror about the prospects of wrongful convictions under a notoriously fractured law enforcement and criminal investigation processes, and flawed legal and judicial systems such as ours.

Even glossing over the scenario of wrongful and unjust convictions I painfully ponder—how many innocent men and women out there, hold up in crampy and severely congested jails, are awaiting trial for crimes they did not commit? How many are suffering the same fate as mine? Victims of a most grievous wrongful indictment, a gross injustice… ###

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