Dispatch from Crame No. 1,000: Sen. Leila M. de Lima’s Reaction to Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr.’s Opinion Piece “‘Tis no Leila’s dilemma that communists have infiltrated Congress”, published on 11 Dec. 2020 at Manila Times


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Gen. Parlade, you seem so worried about my recent statements condemning the red-tagging of members of the Makabayan bloc and the recent killings of NDF peace consultants (yes, I call them peace consultants). Is it that bothersome for you to know that there are still people who believe in the right to life of every human being?

I am and will always be for human rights and the rule of law. Communists or not, fugitives or not, criminals or not, rich or poor—no one can just be summarily executed and planted with evidence. I will never stop condemning any and all forms of assault against human rights and human dignity, whether committed by the State or its non-state adversaries. Neither will I be silenced by an enabler like you.

Like a true DDS troll, you linking me to Juliet de Lima Sison is already a tired, old, rehashed story. Gen. Palparan and Pastor Juan Alcover tried that before when I was still with the CHR. But you should have at least gotten your facts straight. Juliet de Lima Sison is not my cousin. She is a distant relative of my late father and I have never met her. I have never denied that we are related. And so what if we are? Does being the distant relative of the wife of Joma Sison make me a communist? Your logic is amazing.

You keep prattling about the Morong 43 issue. I’ve said this and will say it again. The military cannot conduct its operations against suspected rebels with illegal search warrants. In said case, the AFP’s warrant was illegal, making all the evidence retrieved in the illegal search inadmissible in court. That is why as DOJ Secretary, I had the case withdrawn. I followed the law because the AFP was only too cavalier in taking shortcuts around the law.

The Duterte government goes on a deadly witch hunt, with you as its poster boy to justify the billions of pesos allocated to your NTF-ELCAC. Instead of addressing the legitimate demands of the people, you and your boss choose to see red everywhere, targeting critics without evidence, just like in the drug war.

You even wrote an entire column just to harp on my supposed relation to Joma Sison’s wife. Why don’t you go straight to the point? Are you red-tagging me, Gen. Parlade?

Hindi ang mga tinuturing ninyong komunista ang magpapabagsak sa gobyerno, Gen. Parlade. Kayo mismo at ang ginagawa niyong kawalanghiyaan sa taumbayan.

(Access the handwritten version here: https://issuu.com/senatorleilam.delima/docs/dispatchno1000)

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